Friday, February 09, 2001

So, this is where I begin. Who am I and how did I get to this place in my life? Maybe journaling will help me find that out. Maybe sharing it will show other people alternate paths to insanity (or sanity).

At any rate, I'm 46, happily married (that, in itself, is extraordinary!) with two kids -- one in school and one homeschooling. Go explain THAT to your friends and neighbors. BTW, we also have two standard poodles (ok, one's a substandard), a garter snake, and two lizards. We used to have a fish tank and the kids used to breed mice and sell them to reptile stores.

What do I do? Other than full-time parenting, a journey I have never, ever regretted taking, I teach Israeli dance (look it up elsewhere), proctor basic skills tests for a social service agency, try to improve my pottery skills, and go birdwatching. See? I told you this was a strange path.

Am I happy? I guess so. But I'm halfway through my life and it's time for a little introspection so.......
Here I go!