Friday, October 22, 2010

I've just finished three teapots. Count them, THREE! Why three? I received a commission for a teapot to match a pair of Saba and Savta (grandpa and grandma) mugs. We agreed on a 3-4 cup capacity. While throwing I ended up with the Three Bears.

The first teapot was way too big. But the owner of my studio loved the size and asked if I could finish it for her as a gift. So I threw a lid and a spout and pulled a handle. Then I took navy blue underglaze (to match her dishes) and used it to make a wide band of color on the body. Finally, I carved an entire flock of cranes around the pot, similar to this mug.

This time I didn't add the effect of the water, since the background will be a deeper blue.

The second teapot was a bit smaller, but still too big for the commission piece. I finished it with a white underglaze band and added pink, purple, and light blue round sponge-stamped dots. It came out much nicer than I anticipated and it will be sold at a fundraiser for breast cancer research in November.

 Third time was the charm. The pot was the perfect size and it's been decorated with a Moorish Jewish star pattern.

I was going to have it repeat around the pot, but decided it would be too busy. I wound up putting one centered under the handle and one on each side. It gave the pot an understated Jewish theme without screaming it in your face as you pour your tea or coffee.

I keep forgetting my camera, so I don't have interim shots of the pots. But I'm hoping they'll be bisque fired by the time I get back from my 10 day trip (driving through the Southwest with my hubby). Then a quick coat of clear glaze and into the glaze fire for completion!