Sunday, January 13, 2008

I guess neti pots are the newest (well, not quite THAT new) and hottest thing right now. I started to make them a couple of days before everyone on etsy began talking about them.

It's been an interesting process. I've pretty much got the shape down and the size in leatherware seems about right, though who knows after shrinkage? However, the spouts have got me a bit stymied. They need to be small enough to stick in one's nostril, necessitating a very small hole. The angle on the spout is also a bit odd, which made me try several ways of attaching them to the body.

I'm optimistic about a few of the ones I've made. I just have to figure out how the glazing is going to work and hope that none of the holes get clogged with glaze.

I'm sure I'll get it down, eventually. But, by then, everyone else might be making them as well. Will try to post photos of any success stories with the pots.

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