Saturday, May 31, 2008

Not having done overly well in craft market situations, I decided to host a Pottery Party at my house. To make it more interesting, I've invited whom I consider to be the better working potters at my studio. Since each one has his or her own specialty, there should be a good variety from my attendees to choose from: Judaica, crosses, large bowls, glaze masters, etc.

I asked everyone to invite as many people as they could and to bring a vegetarian hors d'oeuvres to pass. I'll be providing wine and beer. The owner of our studio will be here handling the money end allowing us to accept credit cards in addition to cash and checks.

If nothing else, it will allow all of us to publicize our particular styles, the availability of the studio for classes, and my personal etsy shop (I'm the only artist in the studio with an etsy shop -- don't know why!).

Meanwhile, I've received quite a few commissions, keeping me busy in the studio. Now I don't tell people I'm going to the studio. I actually use the phrase "going to work" on those days the studio's hours and mine coincide.

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