Saturday, November 22, 2008

Today I'm going to feature another ceramic artist. Why? you ask. . . Because I can, also because I understand what's involved in creating works of this quality.

The shop is and the artist is Charan Sachar.

His forms are incredibly sexy. The mug I purchase from him (similar to the one in the photo at left) feels so good in the hand.

In addition to the tactile, he also amazes me with his slip trailing skills. I work with slip and I know how tough it is to get it exactly where you want in the exact thickness you need. He's mastered that perfectly. You can check it out here:

Finally, I adore his use of color. They're evocative of the spices in the Far East: Saffron yellow, cardamom green, chile orange! In fact, I think it was his colors that drew me in, with the shapes and the artistic flair clinching the deal.

When we speak of triple threats, we don't often think of pottery. But I consider Charan a triple threat in this field: form, color, and decoration -- all A+ in my book!

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