Friday, October 29, 2010

Avi and I are on a road trip through the Southwest (we’ve named it our Southwest Boogie and you can check it out at my other blog: Deep in the Heart… While we were waiting for our tour to begin, we came upon an incredible piece of pottery by an Acoma Pueblo indian named Marilyn Ray. It was several sculpted pieces creating a tableau – an Acoma grandfather storyteller and all the children who have come to hear him weave his tales.
The pieces alone are impressive in form and the personalities they capture with simple black and white contrasts. But once I began to look more closely, I realized the details are what makes this one of the most exceptional pieces of art I saw on our trip.
clay storyteller all 2
Notice the bolo the grandfather is wearing around his neck, the piece of pottery he’s holding and the small lizard on his shoe. Each child on the ground has a “pet”.
clay storyteller boy with ladybug clay storyteller children 1 clay storyteller closeup
Then I started to really begin studying the smaller details and noticed the ladybugs on each child as well as other small decorative details bringing the fabrics each person wears to life.
Clay storyteller grandpa 1
Her art, though difficult to get, is available at a couple of galleries. I think I know what we want for our anniversary gift this year!

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